Our boys used to have a game when they were little called Whack-a-Mole. During this battery operated game these little plastic moles would pop up out of their holes and you had to whack them with the mallet before they popped back down. I always thought that game seemed a little cruel and the moles on the game board were cute. Since living in the country and trying to start gardens I have realized they are not cute and now I totally understand the object of that game.  Our yard has become a road map of raised brown tunnels. I spent all day weeding and planting a small bed behind our house only to come out in the morning and to see everything up rooted I just planted the day before.  This is a major concern and one that will have me contacting my local extension office in the morning. I knew going into this there would be successes and failures…peaks and valleys….all of which will provide lessons that I shall remain grateful for having the opportunity to learn.  This has pushed back our rose planting till Spring 2015 as we decide and learn how to deal with this. I am thinking rows of raised beds may be best. If any of you have any thoughts or comments about how to controls moles I would love to hear from you.